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11 J2 Recs

Hi there!

Here are some Jensen/Jared stories that I absolutely adore. ♥ I'm planning to make a masterlist of J2 fics, so here's 11 of 'em to start off!

Please feel free to rec some of your favorite stories (so I can devour them) and do tell if you see any errors! :)

1) Career Choices by dragonspell
AU | NC-17 | 15,300
Jensen's nearly broke and Danneel introduces him to the world of webcam porn.

2) Caught in a Spin by fourfreedoms
AU | NC-17 | 13,500
Jared and Jensen are best friends in high school fighting feelings for each other, school work, team sports, and most of all the required ballroom dancing unit.

3) Counting the Steps to the Door of Your Heart by annella
AU | NC-17 | 44,500
Geeky!Jensen, who has a life-sized Dalek costume, befriends and falls for equally dorky Jared.

4) The Courtship of Jensen's Co-Star by qblackheart @ the8threalm
AR | NC-17 | 112,000
Life was awesome. Work was amazing. Everything was fine until Jared kissed Jensen.

5) Here's Fragging You, Kid by purequicksilver @ quicksilverfics
AU | NC-17 | 31,000
Jensen's a famous gamer and his biggest fan is Jared. What happens when Jared finally gets to meet his idol?

6) In a Faraway Land, You'll Find Yourself by dugindeep
AU | R | 28,600
Jensen's crappy life is flipped upside down when he drinks a venti peppermint mocha cocoa frappachino.

7) Lost and Found by mediaville
AU | NC-17 | 47,000
Sexy fitness guru Jared helps shy, chubby songwriter Jensen lose weight.

8) Maybe This Time by bewaretheides15
AU | R | 35,300
Jared's a freshman who's stuck in a senior dorm. He's not complaining about his new hot roommate(s), though.

9) Screw You, We're from Texas by makeit_takeit
AU | NC-17 | 75,000
This is the story of what could have happened if fate twisted differently, if they never got those big Hollywood breaks, and instead ended up living the lives they grew up expecting to lead.

10) sometimes you’re overrated, just f.y.i. by strippedpink
AU | NC-17 | 32,000
Jensen's a pornstar and Jared works in a sex shop. When Jared houses Jensen during his stay, (naughty) things happen.

11) Who Watches Over Me? by thenyxie
AU | NC-17 | 96,700
Jensen's a bodyguard and Jared's a Hollywood star who's been receiving death threats. The case sounds like Jensen's idea of a nightmare, but he takes it against his better judgment.

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