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30 Icons + 5 Picspams

Hey everyone! Guess who's birthday it is?!

THAT'S RIGHT! IT'S DEAN MOTHERFUCKING WINCHESTER'S BIRTHDAY!!!! *throws confetti all around* In honor of this pie loving, demon-kicking, ovary-exploding badass, I made some stuff~

More specifically, I made 5 picspams and 30 icons for my spn_30snapshots challenge. Prompts I did are: angels and demons.

This post includes Dean (I apologize for scarcity of him), Castiel, other angels, and quite a bit of Ruby (b/c she also kicks ass). So yeah, click below to see! :)

[01] Dean
[02] Castiel & angels
[02] Ruby
01 - 05 Dean Winchester
06 - 10 Castiel & Rachel
11 - 25 Ruby
26 - 30 Castiel


Uriel: "There is no will. No wrath. No God."
Anna: "Maybe. Or maybe not. But there's still me."

"These are amazing. It's like deep-fried crack. Try some."

"It's a good thing angels aren't concerned with hiding their dirty business. Not used to being spied on. I mean, who'd be stupid enough to try?"

Rachel: "We put our faith in you .. and look what you're turning into."
Castiel: "I don't have a choice."
Rachel: "Then neither do I."

"I take it all back .. I love the devil." -second stripper appears- "Now that's what I call peace on earth!"

Go 'head and get down wit yo' bad self, Dean! ♥

Credit is appreciated and comments are ♥! (AND DON'T FORGET TO BRING DEAN PIE FOR HIS BIRTHDAY!!)

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